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                Support the School in Nan-Paul

Goal: To improve the school enviroment to an appropriate level and ensure long term sustainable operation

Help the school complete the construction to ensure the kids are receive education in a appropriate and sanitary environment

  • Expand education to kids in the area

  • Focus on agriculture and reforestation training and operation to the kids

  • Clean water and sanitation for the school and the community

Promote local community involvement in the school using the school as the anchor of the community.

  • Parent involvement through adult literacy program

  • Agriculture training and development program

  • Develop a mutual partnership with the local health center in L’azile

Sustain long term operation of the school

  • Develop a tuition waver sponsorship program

  • Use land management program as a source of revenue

  • Community engagement and participation


  • Student scholars trained in first-aid and CPR will be on hand to launch Innovation Center’s health initiatives.


  • Innovation Center will sponsor the training of local residents in basic health care who will serve in local schools to improve students’ access to health services..


New Project

Haiti Prosperous Communities, Prosperous Nation (PCPN).  PCPN’s mission is to create strong communities, and in the process, change the way the Haiti thinks about and addresses poverty and Community Development. The foundation of the program is a proven community engagement strategy—Future Search—that has a 23-year track record of success for enabling the community to get the “whole system” in the room to discover shared history, meaning, and aspirations for the future—common ground—and to create practical plans that the whole community supports and commits to implementing. This project is a new IC initiative, and we are very excited about the opportunities it provides to communities throughout Haiti. 

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