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Haiti:  Prosperous Communities, Prosperous Nation (PCPN)


Please help us fund Innovation Center’s new project Prosperous Communities, Prosperous Nation (PCPN). The program is modeled around a similar program from the Future Search Network (FSN) in the United State communities. PCPN’s mission is to create strong communities, and in the process, change the way the Haiti thinks about and addresses poverty and Community Development. Because the program provides communities nationwide the opportunity for their local community to help shape a national effort to reduce poverty and improve Community Development, it produces results that create local benefits and also serve as a means to a larger end.

  • Brings whole communities together in one space to pool experiences, knowledge, needs, and resources to create a stronger and more prosperous future for themselves.

  • Provides the opportunity for people from throughout the community to become active participants in creating and acting upon plans that enrich the quality of life for all residents.

  • Builds local leadership capacity and enables people throughout the community to experience first-hand that the health and welfare of all residents is important to everyone.

  • Directly engages the whole system in planning and action to address Community Development, which is itself a whole-system problem.  This differs from typical “expert,” prescribed, or individual strategies that are developed within only a part of the system that often do not garner sufficient community commitment to create lasting improvements.

  • Helps people in communities not only develop concrete plans for reducing poverty, improving Community Development and creating prosperous conditions for all, but increases the likelihood that their plans will be implemented by affecting the single biggest obstacle for lasting change—their own fundamental beliefs about Community Development (e.g. “it doesn’t effect me; I can’t do anything about it, it’s “their” responsibility, etc).


You donation can help our organization implement this new and innovative new project.

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