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Humanitarian Assistance to the Southern city of Aquin, Haiti, following the recent earthquake and tropical storm that destroyed much of the southern part of the country! 

Dear Friends, reports and images coming out of Haiti following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 8, 2021, are devastating! Over two thousand people are confirmed dead already, and the number is likely to continue to grow as the recovery effort is just beginning to take speed, largely with the generous funding and assistance of the international community.

Many more people are injured, missing, and completely out of shelter, food and potable water. Schools, buildings, roads, churches, hospitals, and bridges have turned into rubble. The few remaining and badly damaged hospitals are overwhelmed with the injured and lacking some of the basic necessities to assist those with urgent medical needs.

Unfortunately, this is yet another massive humanitarian crisis, many of which Haiti has been struggling with for the past decade. The current situation is particularly dire on children, women, the handicapped, the elderly --- those that are typically the most vulnerable in Haitian society. Entire families who were already living in very precarious conditions are now facing extreme poverty, violence, hunger, and abandonment.

Your emergency aid and assistance can make a powerful difference and make a positive impact.

IC works within Haiti’s disadvantaged communities to help and assist those who are the most affected. Please rush an emergency monetary gift now to support children, women, and vulnerable families impacted by the recent earthquake in Haiti.

The tropical storm that followed immediately after the earthquake only compounded an already disastrous situation. Many of those who were marginally spared the wrath of the earthquake succumbed to the fury of the floods that the storm brought along. There is a saying in Haitian culture that refers to a raging flood. Haitians call it Lavalas. It destroys just about everything along its path. Unfortunately, Haitians were doubly victimized by the earthquake and the tropical storm.

We are asking you to make an emergency monetary donation to assist those devastated in the Southern part of Haiti. Too many have lost their lives, family members, belongings, and homes. Women and children are currently at the mercy of nature. 


Donations will go to assist the victims of the region and cities along the Southern corridor on the Route Nationale #2, leading all the way to the largest Southern city of Les Cayes, which is completely destroyed.

Innovation Center has created a GoFundMeHaiti account to facilitate donation to assist Haitians in this time of extreme need.

So please, rush an emergency monetary gift now to support Haitian women and children in dire needs, that are impacted by the recent earthquake and tropical storm!

Thank you for giving what you can to support a noble cause.


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On-going​ projects


Scholarship Program


Full tuition assistance is provided to low income students in Haiti who commit to developing their community through volunteer projects.

Health Program Proposal


Highly qualified nurses will train selected Aquin residents in basic health services with the goal of expanding access to health services in local schools.

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Imagine being a child in today’s world watching more fortunate children in their neatly pressed uniforms going to school while you can’t. Being a parent without financial means to fund a child’s basic education is a sad reality for millions of parents in communities in Aquin and many other communities in Haiti. Innovation Center has developed an innovative project aimed at the heart of this problem but we will not succeed without your generous support.


​How to help
With the generous support of individuals like you, Innovation Center is sending children to school this year in Haiti. It is counting on your donations to keep this a reality for years to come. Mail your tax-deductible check or money order today to: 10456 Paradise Court, Manassas, VA 21109 or donate through PayPal using

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Haiti Prosperous Communities, Prosperous Nation (PCPN)

PCPN’s mission is to create strong communities, and in the process, change the way the Haiti thinks about and addresses poverty and Community Development.

The innovation Center (IC) is a Non-profit Tax-Exempt organization in accordance to the United State Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 501(c).

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